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These three countries are all located on the Gulf of Guinea, with fantastic beaches, and shelter people who in spite of their early contact with the slave trade and European influences, have still kept their traditional believes and way of life, punctuated by voodoo ceremonies, folkloric music and dance, trade and skillfulness in handicraft items making.Landscapes and architecture are still so natural and scenery very varied in this part of the world.

Ghana, Togo and Benin are certainly the three rare countries in Africa where the nature, the cultures, the arts and customs still remain intact and unspoiled by external influences…

With this trip, we invite you to experience the natural and authentic warm hospitality of Gan, Ashanti, Fon, Tofinu, Somba, Tamberma people…, and to discover the hidden secrets that make these people so unique and imperturbable facing the modern world changes

Day 1: Wednesday 07th Jan 2015

Arrival in Accra (Ghana) you will be met by our guide who will assist with the transfer and check in at the Hotel.

Overnight at Hotel Novotel or similar.


Day 2 – Thursday 08th Jan 2015: ACCRA – LOME (TOGO)

Asphalted road: 205 Km – 03 hours

On arrival you visit the National Museum at the back of “Palais Des Congress”.

Art facts, pottery, customs, musical instruments, woodcarving, traditional medicinal remedies, and some colonial photos.

The grand Marché one of the biggest in West Africa where you can see the Nana Benz, the smart and wealthy women traders who seem to control all the goings on, you can get just about anything you have here and have fun bargaining with the Nana Benz.

The fetish market with remarkable supply of traditional medicines used by Voodoo priests, including skulls of monkeys and birds, porcupines’ skins warthog teeth and all size of bones and the skulls.

It is also a great place to buy a small fetish for the good luck.

Overnight at hotel Hotel Novela Star or similar



Day 3 and Day 4 – Friday9th and Saturday 10th 2015:  LOME- OUIDAH (The Voodoo Festival Days)

Asphalted road: 92 Km – 02 hours

After an early breakfast you drive to Ouidah you will have a full day on the festival sites. This festival is the most vibrant and colorful celebration of Voodoo followers coming from Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Brazil and Indies…It takes place all over the Country; those in Ouidah the historic center of Voodoo are the best.

The main festivities take place on the beach near the point of no return monument at the end of “Route des Esclaves”

The celebrations begin when the supreme Voodoo Priest slaughters

a goat to honor the spirit and are marked by much singing, dancing, beating of drums and drinking of gin…

The next day you will visit The temple of Python is a sacred place where more than 5O snakes live, traditionally they are fetishes and the principal object for worship, the sacred forest is dotted with sculptures that symbolize all sorts of Voodoo deities and beliefs representing fascinating legends and myths, The road of slaves is 4km to the door of no return, the slaves took to the coast to board the ships. There are lots of fetishes along the way as well as monument statues of old African symbols.

Overnight at Hotel Bresilien or similar.


Day 5 – Sunday 11th Jan 2015:  OUIDAH – GANVIE – ABOMEY

Asphalted road: 147 Km – 03 hours

After your breakfast, you drive to the lake, and then you get the village of Ganvie by boat, the most accessible and most visited of stilts villages on Lake Nokoue, is also where 25 000 Tofinu people leave in Bamboo huts on stilts, all the houses, restaurants, shops, Auberges, and even the market are on wooden stilts 2 meters above water level. After visiting, back to the car by boat, then we drive to Abomey which was the capital of the great Kingdom of Danhome .

In the afternoon you visit the restored Royal Palace which is World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1985 and the excellent museum inside which covers the history of the Kingdom and there is the center of artisans in the court yard.

Overnight at Motel Abomey or similar.


Day 6Mon 12th Jan 2015: ABOMEY-NATITINGO

Asphalted road: 417 Km – 05 hours

Today will drive to Natitingou, on the way we visit the Donkoli fetish the biggest of West Africa. On arrival we visit the Museum; the exhibition includes various musical instruments, jewellery, crowns and artifacts dances, circumcision ceremony and other Somba People rituals.

Overnight at Hotel Tata Samba or similar.


Day 7 – Tue 13th Jan 2015: NATITINGO – SOKODE

Dust road: 210 Km – 04 hours

On the road, we visit Tata Somba Country and the Tamberma Country which is listed World Heritage site by UNESCO.

On arrival, after the dinner, in the evening we organize the fire dance.

Overnight at Hotel Central or similar.



Day 8 – Wed 14th Jan 2015:  SOKODE – TAMALE

Asphalted road: 320 Km – 04 hours

Today after an early breakfast you drive to Ghana border via Kara on the road we visit the village of Dagomba before continue to Tamalé.

Overnight at Hotel Gariba Lodge or similar.


 Day 9 – Thu 15th Jan 2015: TAMALE – KUMASI

Asphalted road: 380 Km – 05 hours

Today you drive to Boabeng-Fiama Monkey sanctuary which is home to the rare mona monkey and the black and white colobus monkey, before continue to Kumasi.

Overnight at Mikklin Hotel or similar.


Day 10 – Fri 16th Jan 2015: KUMASI

Depart after breakfast for a full day tour:

Excursion to Ntonso village to see the process of the tie-and-die of Adinkra cloth and you will have an opportunity for practicing, and the village of Bonwire for the famous Kente cloth. Drive back to National Culture centre to visit the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum, the craft shops and worker shops to see the skill and imagination of local craftsmen using simple tools and the traditional technology to produce breath taking artifacts and designs, ten you visit Manhyia Palace Museum which provides a good insight into Ashanti culture and traditions, and the history of the Ashanti Kingdom which is over 300 years old. It provides a good glimpse into the powerful ancient Ashanti Empire and its past Kings and the Kejetia Market, the largest open-air market in West Africa.

Overnight at Mikklin Hotel or similar.


Day 11 – Sat 17th Jan 2015: KUMASI -CAPE- COAST- ELMINA

Asphalted road: 200 Km – 03 hours

After an early breakfast you drive to Cape Coast Castle a World Heritage site which was originally started by the Swedes in 1652. It served as the headquarters and seat of the British colonial government until 1877.Here you visit the Slave Dungeons, the door of no return, the West African Heritage Museum, the slaves quarters and Negotiation Hall where our ancestors were bargained and sold.

Then you drive 10Km to visit Elmina Castle a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the first and the oldest European structure built of any substance on African soil it was built by the Portuguese in 1482 to held the slaves before sending to America.

Overnight at Hotel Elmina Beach resort.


Day 12 – Sun 18th Jan 2014:  ELMINA-ACCRA –FLY BACK

Asphalted road: 165 Km – 02 hours

Today we drive to Accra on the road you stop at Posuban Shrine on arrival you visit The National Museum, The Memorial of the first President of Ghana, the Panafricanist Kwame Nkrumah, The Center for National Culture, The Place of Independence and the workshops of coffin.

Free afternoon till dinner and transfer to airport for your flight back home.

Day-use at Hotel Afia African Village or Similar.

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Including: Transportation: Car 4X4 or Bus in good condition with AC and driver. Hotel: Accommodation as itinerary with Breakfast. Guide: Good English speaking and experienced who has knowledge throughout. Admission to the listed sightseeing. The ceremony of “fire dance” in Sokodé Entry pass to the Voodoo festival Excluding: International flights, visas, insurance, items of personal nature, gratuities/tips -------------------------------------------------------------- Please make sure to contact us 30-40 Days before the planned departure date to make all the necessary arrangements.

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